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Sodium naphthalene-1-acetate

lovejet爱博官网 Name Sodium naphthalene-1-acetate
CAS No. 61-31-4
Structure Sodium naphthalene-1-acetate

Molecular Weight : C12H9NaO2

Linear Formula : 208.19

Appearance : Off White Color, Fine Powder

Odour : Odourless /slight Naphthalene Odor

Loss On Drying : Max. 0.5%

Solubility : Dissolve In Pure Water Will Give Transparent Solution

Ph Of : 1 % Solution In Pure Water 7.0 To 8.5

Assay : Alpha Isomer Nlt 97.0% Beta Isomer Nmt 2.5%

Packing : 25 Kg. Fiber Drums With Plastic Liner Inside.