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1-Acetyl Naphthalene

lovejet爱博官网 Name 1-Acetyl Naphthalene
CAS No. 941-98-0
Structure 1-Acetyl Naphthalene

Molecular Weight : 170.21

Linear Formula : C10H7COCH3

Physical Appearance : Yellow To Pale Yellow Clear Liquid

Nature : Irritant, Characteristic Odour

Solubility : Soluble In Methanol

Boiling Point : 300-303o C

Sp. Gravity At 20 Oc : 1.117 To 1.112

Assay (by Gc) : Nlt 98%

Naphthalene : Nmt 0.1%

Packing : 220 Kgs Hm/hdpe Drum

Uses : In Organic Synthesis, Dye Intermediate, Synthetic Perfumers, Polymer Catalyst, Drug Intermediate Insecticide.